Wednesday, 23 April 2014


What I will never ever tire of is watching the sky up here. 
And over the last month or so I've had a lot to watch. We've been so lucky with the rain and with the rain of course, come the rainbows...

                                                   And the jets flying overhead all day long...

                                                                         More rainbows.....

                                                                          Stunning drama...

                                                                                        And fog...

                                                             And really pretty Autumn sunsets....

I often think of that gorgeous Justin Vernon song when I look out here. Have paraphrased him a bit but these lines truly speak my language:

And at once I knew I was not magnificent.....
      I could see for miles, miles, miles.
                                                                      Holocene- Bon Iver


Monday, 21 April 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

  1. I can take no credit for these. They're my mum's roses. Aren't they pretty? All those buds and they're all on just one stem! How does she do it?
  2. I'm not sure there's anything better than a freshly bathed child in her own handmade Easter bonnet and flannie pyjamas. She's had a very busy Easter and went to bed tonight at 5pm, the tired little bunny.
  3. I just love pepper tree branches, they bring back so many childhood memories for me.
  4. The table at the end of Easter Sunday lunch. I made a roast with apple crumble for dessert. Ruby found her appetite and polished off the lot.
  5. Then this morning she was up with the birds helping me bake lemon curd muffins and some kind of iced brownie/cake arrangement. We took the muffins off to Nan's for morning tea and shoved the rest in the freezer ready for school next week. I think I'm over cooking for a while now.
  6. No, a fruitarian Easter bunny didn't hop over the hill yesterday, those are Clemmie's grapes in her little Easter baskets. All week she practised for the egg hunt using grapes and even after lunch yesterday she wanted grapes. Good that she balances out eating her body weight in chocolate with fruit.
  7. Our nod to Dutch Easter. When we were living in Amsterdam with baby Ruby I really loved how they celebrated Easter and Spring using branches decorated with pretty eggs. So to make Sherb feel at home we try to do the same. To be honest I'm not even sure if he notices, but the girls have a lovely time helping. PS: Try to ignore if you can the bathroom on the left and filthy windows on the right, it's not the classiest of photographs.
  8. I went to bed a few weeks ago and watched four jets following each other in the night sky, one after another. Today I woke up to these ones, and dozens more flew overhead all day long. It was as if they were all going off to some party in the sky, was quite a sight. 
It's crazy to me that Easter has come and gone for another year, and Anzac Day at the end of the week. I was offered days teaching today, taking me up to June! Where does the time go? Maybe it's carried off in those jets flying off into the sky, and if so, I wish they could turn right around and come back!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter. I'm struggling so much with my faith lately, but as always I'm so grateful to be spending these days with family and dear friends. I hope you are able to do the same xx

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ten on Ten

Ooh, late again! I took these last week on the tenth, and left on the eleventh to go out bush, camping on a river and celebrating with lots of beautiful family. And wouldn't you know it, I forgot to pack the camera for that!

But here are the ten photos taken over ten hours, finding the beauty in the everyday, even if that includes waking to this beautiful pen drawing of Clemmie's, all over her quilt.

Joining in here with Rebekah.

Look, I won't promise anything, except to say that I've set the alarm for the tenth of May, so here's hoping I'll be a little more punctual next month...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

  1. That was the sky I woke up to on Saturday morning. I think the word we're all looking for here is, GLORIOUS.
  2. Apologies for yet more rose photos but they're having such a lovely time out there they need to be displayed and photographed. Abraham Lincoln on the left, little Pomponella on the right.
  3. Apologies too if you're a fan of orange stained timber, but this was the week the top of that sideboard had to go. It had a good run, I tried living with it for nearly two years before I decided that enough was enough. I used Blake and Taylor furniture paint, and it did everything the tin promised it would. Glided on just like velvet with excellent coverage. Well it would want to at that price. Now I'm just waiting till Thursday when I can wax it up! Hurry up Thursday!
  4. Clementine's items of choice this week have been her little Dutch storybook, pompom ears headband and angel wings. Carted everywhere.
  5. Spent the weekend tidying up and re-arranging furniture. I love that sort of stuff. Added a chair to our bedroom to cosy it up a bit for winter. Could you imagine sitting there with a cup of tea first thing in the morning watching the sun rise over the winter fog? Nah, me neither. As if I have time for that in the mornings! But maybe I will make time...
  6. Abraham Darby in full bloom.
  7. Night light.
  8. This is where you'll find me in the evenings, water bottle handy and a cup of tea on the side. It's an exciting night life I lead.
  9. Took this just a few hours after that sunrise on Saturday. I know I sound like a broken record but my goodness I'm so grateful for that view and for my Daisy girl who brought us here. There should have been a choir of angels singing when the sun peeped through those rain clouds. And just maybe there was...

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Weekly Stills: A Collection

  1. Besides the cereal bowls, I'm not sure if there's a bowl in this house that doesn't contain a rose at the moment. That's the beautiful Brother Cadfael rose looking all pretty in this one.
  2. I love this time of year when you wake up to that view all covered in sunlit fog.
  3. Have been getting around to framing a few bits and pieces. Clementine there wearing fluoro shorts on her head was just begging to be framed and hung on a wall.
  4. The autumn rose extravaganza continues...
  5. Ruby was given a photo frame for Christmas and keeps handing it to me as if to say "Get onto it mum!" So today I did! And watched her cuddled up in bed tonight gazing at photos of herself with us and a huge smile on her face. She's a beautiful girl.
  6. Have been watching the light change and all the new shadows it makes lately. Getting ready for the winter sun.
  7. My cousin is wondering if I'm creating my very own ashram with my new prayer table. Well I've been lighting it up most nights and having a quiet moment on my own to reflect and pray about a few things, so the answer is probably. Yes. 

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